Amsterdam Gypsy Band

Everybody enjoyed his music and admired this great musician, who only showed a modest smile on his face during his solo.

Noord-Hollands dagblad, Dutch newspaper, about cimbalom player Vasile Nedea

The Amsterdam Gypsy band plays exciting gypsy music from countries such as Rumania, Hungaria and Yugoslavia. Cheerful dance music full of vibrant energy, for parties that never end, with plenty of drinks for everybody, including the musicians.

The band exists of a group of wild and virtuso musicians from Rumania, Russia, Czechia and the Netherlands, who came together in Amsterdam.

The music of the Amsterdam Gypsy Band is perfectly suitable for all stages, world music festivals, weddings and other parties.

Line up

  • Vasile Nedea, cimbalom, accordion
  • Eugeni Suvorkin, accordion
  • Jelle van Tongeren, violin
  • Harold Berghuis, guitar
  • Jet Stevens, double bass
  • Rolinha Kross, vocals


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Photos: Bart Scholtens