Hot Club de Frank

These guys are tremendous musicians. But that’s not all. They also form a great collective. Tightly playing together, disciplined in their arrangements and going mad in their improvisations. This is the top!

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The Hot Club de Frank is an exciting mix of Swing, Gypsy Jazz, French chansons, old Dutch jazz-songs and Eastern European rhythms. Cheerful and virtuoso! This group is really hot.

These days, the band is among the most well known jazz groups of the country. The radio stations really discovered their music. It is not a coincidence that this group played three times at the North Sea Jazz festival. Every year the group makes a tour along festivals in other European countries. An international highlight was a show at the Montreux Jazz festival.

The music of the Hot Club de Frank is perfectly suitable for all stages, jazz- and world festivals, bars, intimate concerts, weddings, receptions, events etc.

Theatre program

  • Heel de band is Favoriet (2003–2005), featuring Lex Lammen


Line up

  • Frank Meester, double bass and vocals
  • Harold Berghuis, solo guitar
  • Wim Lammen, saxophones and clarinet
  • Jelle van Tongeren, violin





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Photos: Bart Scholtens