Rolinha Kross

Rolinha Kross has developed to a singer of high class. Her voice is powerful, perfectly in tune and extrovert when her band plays with exuberance, sensual and soft as velvet in the intimate musical passages.

de Volkskrant, Dutch daily newspaper

Rolinha Kross is one of the leading Dutch singers of Yiddish songs. She performed at all important Dutch stages, with her own groups and as a guest star in several theatre shows, for example with national stars as Ramses Shaffy and Willem Nijholt.

Today, Rolinha and her band play a mix Yiddish songs and other Eastern European songs. And Rolinha is always happy to provide workshops.

Rolinha has a special program with Willy Brill, expert in the Yiddish language and translator of Yiddish literature to Dutch. In this program, ‘Yiddish poetry, in words and songs’, Rolinha and Willy present beautiful Yiddish poems, with translations, music and background information. These are very inspiring sessions, also for people who are not familiar with the Yiddish language.

The music of Rolinha Kross is perfectly suitable for all stages, world festivals, workshops, and intimate concerts.




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Photos: Bart Scholtens